Margiela and G-Shock Collaborate on Limited Edition Watch

Maison Martin Margiela has reportedly announced that its limited edition watch project with G-Shock is underway. The two brands have decided to collaborate on the exclusive watch to improve their positions and raise awareness. The news has been revealed by The stylish watch is looked forward to by Margiela fans.

Maison Martin Margiela became popular in 2012 thanks to H&M collection. The decision to collaborate with sporty watch maker G-Shock in order to produce a limited edition timepiece is reasonable and justified. Margiela and G-Shock will produce only 3,000 watches, called the GA-300, so it is no wonder that Margiela fans have already started to look for the ways of getting their hands on the exclusive watches on Twitter and Facebook. The GA-300 will have an avant garde design with elements of G-Shock’s sporty look and Margiela’s modern aesthetic. The watch will hit the shelves on the 30th of March and will cost about $300. The design of the watch is definitely eye-catching and visually appealing. The watch features a sleek silver detachable leather strap, so it can be easily worn as a wrist cuff.

Martin Margiela became a superstar of fashion in 2012 although he has been working in the niche since the 1980’s. Margiela comes from Belgium and has benefited from the H&M collection he unveiled in 2012. Margiela becomes more and more popular thanks to exposure the designer has received when Kanye West mentioned him in his lyrics. The mainstream media are happy to raise his profile, too. To note, any fans of Margiela or lovers of designer watches should think fast as the watches are released in a limited edition. The price is really affordable, so the competition will be hot. The watches will likely be bought out in secs after the release.

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