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Leopard swimsuit

Top Beach Destinations for Families. Fabulous Swimsuits for Kids

If you plan a beach vacation, you need to know 2 main things: top beach destinations and best swimsuits for girls!

France Child Beauty Pageants

French Senate says ‘non’ to mini-Miss pageants

The French Senate raised worry about child beauty pageants, which may be banned in the country in the future.

Iowa Opera House

Hugh Jackman to visit renovated Iowa opera house

The 114-year-old Metropolitan Theater in Iowa Falls was reconstructed and Hugh Jackman will visit it on September 21.


Places to Visit after a Breakup

It usually takes a long while to recover after a breakup, a divorce or a split. Here are Perfect places to destress and prepare for new happy life.


Bertolucci to head Venice Film Festival jury

MILAN (AP) — The Venice Film Festival has announced that Oscar-winning director Bernardo Bertolucci will chair the jury for the 70th Venice Film Festival. Bertolucci, 73, headed the jury previously in 1983, when the Golden Lion went to Jean-Luc Godard’s “First Name: Carmen,” and he has premiered numerous films at the festival, starting with “The […]


Six Best Places to Retire Abroad

American retirees can use one of the best places to retire abroad. With an average monthly income of $2,000, they can live in any country decently.


How to Improve Your Relationship in Two Ways

If you’re experiencing problems with your relationship, try considering these pieces of advice that are sure to help you on how to improve your relationship.


Dating Older Guys

Dating mature, older guys can be exciting, but a girl needs to be sure that she’s ready for such a relationship.


Pixie Cut Styles for Spring

A pixie cut is a very low-maintenance, but it shouldn’t be that plain and simple all the time. Discover the pixie cut styles to glam up your look for spring.


Bad Beauty Habits That You Should not Bring at Work

Wondering why you didn’t get the promotion? Chances are your competitor looks more professional and appealing to work with than you are.

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